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The Daily Schedule

Transdisciplinary themes across Pre-Nursery and Nursery





Month: 1


Seasons and weather Myself

My friends and my school

Exploring colours and name recognition through rhymes

Exploring numbers, shape and size through rhymes

Month: 2


Forest and wild animals

The neighbourhood

Exploring vegetables, houses recognition through rhymes and wild animals through stories

Exploring plant growth, different types of homes, importance of team work through stories

Month: 3


All about me – the human body

Living and non – living,Life cycle-frog

The rainy season, colours and numbers

Seasons and clothes

Month: 4


All about homes and families

Extinct and endangered animals

Myself, my senses, hygiene and good manners

Myself and my family

Month: 5

October- November

Bugs/ insects
Life cycle- buterfly

Exploring India, China and Japan

Animal -pets

Animals at the farm

Month: 6


All about flowers and garden, Festival celebration

Media and Entertainment

Exploring shapes in the environment.

Exploring water and it’s uses.

Month: 7


Transport – air, water and road.
Road safety

All about food and healthy eating

Exploring fruits

Exploring vegetables

Month: 8


Oceans and ocean animal
Birds of prey and flighless birds

Our planet – earth, sun moon and stars
Exploring Space

Creepy crawlies

Plant life: go green

Month: 9


Community helpers
Exploring colour and design

Recycle and Reduce
Exploring colour and design

Transport Toys

Transport Community helpers

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